Storage beds at sleepyhead-beds in dover


Divan Bed With Drawers with a bedside table next to it

divan beds with drawers

Divan beds are the most common type of storage beds available. We supply all combinations of divan bases with drawers.

There is also an extensive range of fabrics to personalise (match your colour scheme) a divan base, ranging from damasks - chenille's - suede's - crushed velvet's etc. Matching headboards in the same fabric can also be supplied.
Open Ottoman Storage Bed

ottoman storage beds (end opening)

Ottoman beds are becoming the most popular type of storage bed.

With modern houses being designed that much smaller & storage space becoming a premium, ottoman bases are an excellent storage application. We supply all types & sizes of ottoman bases, along with endless fabrics & matching headboards to compliment your bed.
Side Opening Ottoman Bed Open

side opening ottoman beds

Depending on your bedroom configuration, Side opening ottoman & End opening ottomans are available in any size to make the most of your bedroom storage space.
Gas Struts on an open ottoman bed

gas struts

All of our Ottoman Beds are supplied with a gas strut mechanism.

This is the most advanced opening & closing system on the market & it enables a very easy opening & closing action.
White Leather Ottoman Bed

leather ottoman beds

We supply a range of Leather Ottoman beds in most sizes.

White - Brown or Black Faux Lather Bases are available.
Open Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed

wooden ottoman beds

Wooden Ottoman Beds are available in White or Oak finish.
Guest Bed (2 in 1 Space Savers) in a bedroom

guest beds (2 in 1 space savers)

2 in 1 guest beds are a great space-saving solution for limited space in a bedroom. The under-bed rolls out & comes up to the same height as the top bed, offering a large double bed or two independent singles.

This type of bed is available in different sizes & our current offering (see image) is available in Oak or Ivory.
Pandora Box bed unfolding

​​​​​​​pandora box (bed in a box)

Pandora Bed-in-a-box is a cleverly designed stool which easily converts into a Bed Complete with Headboard.

An excellent space saving twin functional solution.