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We have a wide variety of mattresses to choose from in-store, catering for all needs

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All UK Standard Sizes and Special Sized Mattress

open coil springs

Whether its a spare room economy or a luxurious pocketed sprung mattress, we can provide any array of choice from stock or can order specially a specific mattress of your choice . We supply all UK standard sizes, along with the option of having tailor-made (special sized) mattress made to order.

Commonly Used Bonnell (Open Coil Springs)

open coil springs

Open coil spring units (Bonnell) are the most common type of springs used in a mattress. They come in different ratings of firmness, Soft, Medium and Firm.
Technically referred to as, 13.5 Gauge - Soft mattress, 13.0 Gauge - Medium and 12.5 Gauge – Firm.

The rounded bonnell springs are all connected to each other by a helical wire, and the number of springs within a standard double (135cm) mattress usually consists of 288 units.

Pocketed Springs Mattress

pocketed springs

A pocket sprung mattress is made up of individual springs that are covered in their own material and nested together inside the rod edge that holds them together.

They are considered to be the most efficient spring system for mattresses, as they follow & mould round to the contours of the body, enabling total support.

Memory foam mattress with a hand showing it's capabilities

memory foam

Memory foam or visco-elastic foam as it is sometimes called is a pressure relieving material which recovers back to its original shape. The unique pressure relieving properties of this of mattress not only promotes a comfortable nights sleep, but also helps relieve back & neck problems, aching joints & circulatory problems.

There are variations & different grades to this type of mattress, encompassing combination mattresses of springs & memory foam, as well as all foam mattresses. To get a better idea, please contact us or pop into the store to try our current range.

Latex Mattresses Logo


Latex is another popular material used within mattresses. The natural elasticity of a Latex mattress allows it to spring back (instant rebound property) into shape as you move in bed and find your most comfortable sleeping position. It is one of the most responsive materials on the market, thus acting as an excellent pressure relieving source.

Being derived from the sap of rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis) in contrast to synthetic man made foams, helps with breathability (depending on % of natural Latex) & longevity of the mattress.

Mattress With Pocketed Springs

pocketed springs

As the springs are individual & are not connected together they allow for individual support, thus limiting the feel & movement of two people on a mattress. Please see the pocket sprung video for a clearer demonstration:

Geltex Inside Logo


Geltex is an innovative combination of an extremely elastic gel and air permeable foam, which brings previously unknown sleeping comfort to everyone who truly appreciates the value of healthy sleep.

It offers a unique combination of unparalleled breathability to prevent the body from over heating, perfect pressure relive preventing pressure points building & optimal body support providing perfect spinal alignment and support throughout the night.

Geltex Inside Logo

geltex video

Please see the video to gain a better insight into the wonderful properties of Geltex: